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What to bring with you on your travel

It may be useful to bring the following list of items in addition to those stated in essential items for travel to the UK.

Hand luggage


Job acceptance offer.

Degree certificates.

Reference letter from bank in your own country to help you get a bank account.

Sterling and traveller’s cheques to cover your first few weeks in the UK.

Driving licence.

Main luggage

Photocopy of the main parts of your passport.

A note of the serial numbers of your traveller’s cheques.

Back up copies of essential documents.




Bed linen if needed.

All other personal items including electrical goods. The electricity supply in the UK is 240 volts. Check to see if your electrical goods can work at this voltage. You will need to buy a transformer if not. You may also need to buy an adaptor plug in the UK.

Remember to check the weight of your CABIN bag AND CHECK IN LUGGAGE to ensure you do not exceed your personal allowance.

Do not bring

Lots of books – it may be cheaper to buy them in the UK.

Lots of food – most ingredients are available in the UK.

Too much heavy clothing.

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