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7 Nuffield Lodge, Carlton Gate,

Admiral Walk,

W9 3TP London, U.K.

Phone: 0207 2898677



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Provide assistance, guidance to :

▫Obtaining a National Insurance number

▫ International money transfer

▫ Health care advice

▫ Open a Bank account

▫ Obtain UK mobile phone sim card

▫ Language school or course enrolment

▫ GP enrolment

▫ London Orientation day accommodation

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Our service charge


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Our charges explained

At CRM we are offering relocation service to those individuals who want to move to London for any period of time.

To find out more is FREE OF CHARGE.  So way don't you just pick up the phone and call  us on +44 207 2898677 or by SKYPE: CRM.Ltd, we will be happy to answer all your questions. If you prefer you can also send us an e-mail, we  will send you a questionnaire which you’ll return duly filled, then we will discuss your plan, explain what life style you may afford with your available budget, what are the rental formats available, the documents that you may need to bring with you and a lot more, So that you can plan your relocation well informed.

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Your total cost will be equivalent to one month rent, your deposit net of any expenses incurred on your behalf will be deducted from your total payable fee.

For example

when you rent a property for £ 500 per month, what you’ll be paying to CRM is:

CRM service deposit

£ 300

CRM service balance

 £ 200

Total £ 500

If you are already in UK or you feel that you do not need all service offered in our “Start up service” package,  we recommend that  you contact us so that we may offer you a tailor made cost break down

Next step

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If you like to proceed further and you want us to start to view a short list of selected accommodation or pay a holding deposit on your behalf,  we will ask you to accept our tem and conditions and pay a deposit of £ 360 ( £300.00 + 20% VAT = £ 360),

The deposit is refundable if you withdraw from our verbal agreement at least 72 hour before your departure date. The deposit will be returned net of any authorised expenses that in the mean while, we have incurred on your behalf.

Even if you rent your accommodation directly from an estate agent you will be charged a set of fees.  Where applicable, providing  you’ve paid our charges, we will pay on your behalf any or all the following Estate agent’s fees  :

Tenant’s reference checks  

Tenant’s credit checks

Contribution to draw the tenancy agreement

Inventory check (paid at beginning of tenancy)

Costs of transport while viewing

Who Are We

We save you money and time

• Pre-viewing of a short list of selected property

• Power of attorney to act on your behalf

• Payment in advance for rental deposit (up to 」 100.00)

• Airport meet and assist by public transport

• Concierge services: (booking : Taxi,Hotels, temporary accommodation)

• Costs of transport while viewing properties

• Property viewing

• Lease negotiation

• Lease Terms and condition familiarization

• Move you from your temporary to your long term  accommodation

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Service included in our fee:

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Itemised charges