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7 Nuffield Lodge, Carlton Gate,

Admiral Walk,

W9 3TP London, U.K.

Phone: 0207 2898677



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Who Are We


Who Are We

Property Viewing

Who Are We

Move In Day

First we arrange a time during which we can talk, via Skype or telephone. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your budget and what it is you are looking for.

What is your; Budget

Lifestyle and accommodation requirements.

When do you want to move in and where will you be commuting to?  References/documents you’ll need at hand.  

Experienced staff from  CRM organise viewing of 10 or more properties

selected for you based on  your requirements.

By the end of the day we  will help you rank and select  the property you like the most  and negotiate the rental  

contract With the landlord  on your behalf.   

Once you’ve signed the

Rental contract we will help

You to settle into your new home!

This could be anything from;

opening up a UK Bank account to understanding  how to organise and pay for your utilities.

We will also introduce you to

your local area; shops, community  and sports centres.

How we May help you