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Transport to destination

Arriving to london , you will probably arrive at one of the FIVE CAPITAL’S airports: CITY Gatwick, Heathrow, LUTON or Stansted.    There are 28 international regional airports throughout the UK.  The major non-London airports in the UK are Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If you are arranging your own travel you should contact your university’s Human Resources department for help and advice on the best way to travel to the university.

Some universities send a staff member to meet new international staff at an airport or local train station. If your university offers this service it will normally be booked in advance and they should send you clear details well before the departure date.

Essential documents

Remember to bring your essential documents with you, preferably in your hand luggage for easy access. It is always useful to have copies of important documents in case you lose them. Remember to bring:



Air tickets.

Vaccination certificates (if necessary).

Degree certificates.

Job acceptance letter.

The working week in the UK

Please also note the working week in the UK may be different from your home country. Most university buildings are open and fully staffed Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.  Some universities are open and run courses outside these hours and areas such as library buildings are often open on Saturday and Sunday.  Please check the individual opening times of the university departments you are visiting before you arrive in the UK.

Bringing animals into the UK

If you are considering bringing your pets with you to England please take time to read the current UK guidelines on bringing animals into the UK on the Defra website.

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