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Who Are We

  Working as an airline’s cabin crew member for seven years, Ms Kamishima moved to London in 1999, where she obtained an MA in Tourism Management at Westminster University in 2007. At present Taka  spends a lot of her time at London Heathrow Airport assisting arriving and

 departing passengers. In 2012 together with Francesco D'Andrea, she greatly contributed to the setup of Customer Relocation Management. Ms Kamishima, herself a new settler in UK, brings to CRM personal insight and first-hand experience in what an individual has to endure whilst relocating to London. During her 13 years spent in London she has helped to find suitable accommodation to many friends and acquaintances. Today she is an able profile assessor, a capable negotiator with in depth knowledge of the local real estate rental market. Her skills assists the company’s clients to find the most suitable residences to accommodate budget and requirements. Driven by passion and refusing to accept second best, Taka’s academic background, does not only bring business acumen to CRM, but also a first class customer service. This has been learnt through numerous years working for Japanese and International companies.

Who Are We

Takako kamishima

Crm’s operations manager



  Francesco D’Andrea expanded CRM to include relocation consultancy after having identified a gap with in the British letting market. Through personal experience of some of the difficulties encountered when relocating himself to different parts of the world, he collected extensive knowledge in the

 differences existing between foreign tenant expectations and local letting market services. This disparity and the lack of understanding between the demands and offers lead to the formation of the new company’s branch. As well as supervising relocation services, he is a senior Marketing Consultant and an analyst of CRM data. In an impressive career he has focused on marketing and sales activities for Europe, the US and Australia. Previously he has worked in a number of different sectors including the chemical industry, manufacturing, software services, leading sales programmes both in UK and at an international level. Mr D’Andrea brings extensive experience in what relocating for work purposes entails.

Who Are We

Francesco d’andrea

Crm’s managing director

CRM (Customer Relocation Management) 的母公司是Customer Relations Marketing – 是一间于1989年成立于伦敦,主营市场开发咨询的英国公司。随着越来越多的人将伦敦视为求学、经商以及定居的最佳目的地,我们发现目前英国的房屋中介提供的服务并不能满足海外客户的需求。所以CR于2012年成立,致力于为想移居伦敦的客户提供服务,尤其是海外客户。我们的服务对象主要是来伦敦长期或短期居住的留学生、交流学者、商务交流人士和准备定居的家庭。


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